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Freedom is the world-famous Internet, social media, and app blocker. Freedom works on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac and Windows computers.

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Block the Internet, Apps, and Websites

Used by over 250,000 people to improve focus and productivity.
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Freedom blocks distracting websites and apps

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Freedom makes it easy to block the most distracting apps and websites.
Block what you want, when you want, and be more productive.

Cover all of your devices with Freedom

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Whether you use Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, or a combination, Freedom works on all your devices.
Sit down to work knowing you won't be distracted by any of your devices.

Commit to productivity with Freedom scheduling

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Start sessions on-the-fly or schedule your Freedom time in advance.
Plan out sessions that recur daily or weekly. With Freedom, you'll make productivity a habit.

Do your best work with Freedom

Join over 250,000 people using Freedom to be more productive.
You can get started for free, and cover all your devices for less than $2.50 a month.
Stop being distracted by your phone, tablet or computer - get Freedom.