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Freedom is the app and website blocker for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Chrome, used by over 1,000,000 people to reclaim focus and produc­tivity. Experience the freedom to do what matters most.

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Block distracting websites
and apps.
Stay focused on
what matters most.

Social media, shopping, videos, games...​these apps and websites are scienti­fically engineered to keep you hooked and coming back. The cost to your productivity, ability to focus, and general well-being can be staggering. Freedom gives you control. Freedom gives you control.

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Freedom blocks distracting websites and apps

Freedom blocks distracting websites and apps on iPhones and iPads (iOS)
Freedom blocks distracting websites and apps on Android phones and tablets
Freedom blocks distracting websites and apps on Mac and Windows computers
When you block websites on a computer with Freedom, a green block screen is displayed to let you know a site is blocked
Freedom blocks distracting websites and apps on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android

If you need to focus on your work, break a habit, or simply improve your relationship with technology, Freedom can help. By blocking distracting websites and apps, you’ll be more focused and productive. You’ll develop healthier, more intentional digital habits, that give you control over your time and attention.

Freedom blocks distractions on all of your devices

Freedom blocks distractions on Mac and Windows computers and iOS and Android phones and tablets

Whether you use Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, or Chrome, Freedom can sync blocks across all of your devices. Sit down to work knowing you're completely in control of distractions.

Be more productive with Freedom scheduling

With Freedom you can schedule your block sessions in advance to make productivity a habit

Start sessions on-the-fly or sche­dule your Freedom time in adv­ance. Plan out sess­ions that recur daily or weekly. With Freedom, you'll make produc­tivity a habit.

Used by incredibly productive people

Freedom is a productivity tool used by people at Apple, Google, Salesforce, Microsoft, Harvard, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, and many more

Freedom users report gaining an aver­age of 2.5 hours of produc­tive time each day. We're proud to have helped our users reclaim 10,000,000 hours in the past year. No wonder Freedom is used by people at the wo­rld's best companies and universities.

Hear from satisfied…

“When I click that Freedom butterfly, I write.”

Eloisa James, NY Times bestselling author, uses Freedom to focus and avoid multitasking
Eloisa James
NYT Bestselling Author
Writers on Freedom

“Wow. I’ve written 14 novels and countless short stories with Freedom on.”

J.T. Ellison, NYT Bestselling author, uses Freedom to do more writing
J.T. Ellison
NYT Bestselling Author
Writers on Freedom

“I use Freedom and an online timer to streamline my work sessions.”

Amber Jane Davis, PhD coach and political scientist, used Freedom to finish her PhD
Amber Jane Davis
Political Scientist + PhD Coach
Researchers on Freedom

“I use Freedom religiously to keep me on task, both on my phone and my laptop.”

Jessie Kwak, author and copywriter, uses Freedom to block email in the mornings.
Jessie Kwak
Author + Freelance Copywriter
Writers on Freedom

“My first kids’ book was completed directly due to the extra hours Freedom gave me.”

John Kovalic, illustrator and author, uses Freedom to be more productive
John Kovalic
Cartoonist + Illustrator,
Creator of Dork Tower
Illustrators on Freedom

“Freedom saves my life. I could never have written my latest book (ironically on topic of attention) without this life-saving app.”

Neen James, attention expert, uses Freedom on all of her devices to write without distraction
Neen James
Attention Expert,
Author of “Attention Pays”
Coaches on Freedom

“The Freedom app disciplines me when I don’t have the human strength to do so.”

Maura Chanz, artist and entrepreneur, uses Freedom to discipline herself by blocking online distractions
Maura Chanz
Actress, Artist, Entrepreneur, Founder of Tribe
Entrepreneurs on Freedom

“Freedom is an essential tool in my work.”

Taylor Pearson, author and entrepreneur, uses Freedom to focus
Taylor Pearson
Author and Entrepreneur
Entrepreneurs on Freedom

“I honestly cannot fathom being able to write as much as I do without the help of Freedom!”

Farrah Rochon, bestselling author, uses Freedom to block distractions so she can publish more books
Farrah Rochon
Bestselling author
Writers on Freedom

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