We've been saying it all along - multitasking doesn't work

We've been saying it all along - multitasking doesn't work


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By now you have probably heard that multitasking isn’t good for you. You might even have heard that it can drastically reduce your productivity or even lower your effective IQ by 10 points. Whether you heard it from us first, or from one of the many sources like Today’s new series “Digital Divide,” the topic of multitasking has become a mainstream issue of interest to all of us.

However, unfortunately simply knowing the results of these studies doesn’t change the fact that our lifestyles often place us directly in a position to multitask. From the minute we wake up in the morning we are connected and tuned into our digital world – constantly checking and responding to weather updates, email, notifications, calls, texts, and buzzes, often right up until our eyes shut while streaming our favorite show on Netflix before bed.

And it’s not entirely our fault. As Dr. Earl Miller of MIT neurosciences explains in the video above, our brains are wired to seek out novelty.

“Your brain evolved to find information rewarding – to find new information rewarding. Because that information might have been very important to your survival,” explains Dr. Miller.

Our environments have changed drastically, but our brains have not. This is why we find it almost impossible to resist those rings, beeps, and buzzes that let us know there is new information waiting for us. Although our brains find the dopamine blast and instant gratification rewarding, it slows us down, reduces our efficiency at performing the task at hand, and may even have a lasting negative effect on our brains.

In our digital world where our devices are constantly crying for our attention, the task of regaining control over your attention can seem almost unattainable. That’s why we created Freedom – not to ban or eliminate technological advancements, but to simply give you control over a process that’s hardwired into your brain.  Sure, we’re focused on building the best website, app and overall internet blocker in the world, but our big goal is to give you the freedom to focus on whatever you chose.