How to Be More Productive in the Afternoon [Video]

How to Be More Productive in the Afternoon [Video]

How to Be More Productive in the Afternoon [Video]

We read and hear a lot about morning ninjas. You know, those stories and recommendation lists that make us feel kind of inadequate and guilty: “…then I wake up at 4am, run 5 miles, meditate, do some core workouts, write my blog, write a new marketing plan, review my goals for the day, eat a handful of organic office by 8:00…”  

Most of us try to do our best and yeah, could probably optimize our mornings. But what about the long thankless stretch of the day from 1pm to 5pm or so?

We’ve heard from many Freedom users that afternoons are when they struggle the most to stay focused and create their best work.

Here’s a video we put together about how Freedom can help you make your afternoons more productive.  [Running time 1:39]

Using freedom to be more productive in the afternoon:

Afternoons are often filled with coffee and distraction, so why not make things easier on yourself and take care of the latter.

With Freedom there are two ways for you to schedule recurring sessions and maximize your productivity and focus during your afternoons.

  1. Start Later – This is a feature that allows you to block distractions for a set period of time later that day. ‘Start Later’ helps you pre-commit to a time where you can work undistracted. So you won’t even have to make a choice about when it’s time to get to work.  Block the entire internet if you want, or block specific websites by creating a custom blocklist.
  2.  Recurring Session Schedule – This feature allows you to schedule recurring blocks during certain times of the day throughout your week. Set a range of time where you want to be focused, like afternoons or early morning, and let Freedom help you make productivity a habit. Set as many recurring schedules as you’d like to customize with different times for various days of the week.

Using Freedom’s schedule time is simple and helps you establish habits that make you more productive and focused. It lets you decide when you’ll respond to notifications, inboxes, buzzes, and updates and makes your afternoon slump a thing of the past.