How to Block Apps on iPhone, A Guide

How to block an app on iPhone



Smartphones can be great, but too often they seem to control us rather than the other way around. If you’re like me, your phone is almost constantly buzzing with a variety of notifications giving you updates, messages previews, news alerts, etc. – all of which grab my attention and often steal me away from what I’m currently doing.

A quick notification letting me know someone has started a Live Story on Instagram can leave me wasting minutes and then hours scrolling through my newsfeed.  It’s a temptation that is hard to resist, and unfortunately it’s what many of these platforms are designed to do.

And once you’re distracted, research has revealed that on average it takes 23 minutes to get back on task. Another recent study also found that the mere presence of your phone – even when you’re not using it – has the ability to distract and inhibit your performance. So it’s easy to see why so many of us are having trouble focusing with all the interruptions our apps are constantly sending us.

Luckily, we’ve created a complete guide on how to block all of your most distracting apps and regain control over your iPhone.

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How to Be More Productive in the Afternoon [Video]


We read and hear a lot about morning ninjas. You know, those stories and recommendation lists that make us feel kind of inadequate and guilty: “…then I wake up at 4am, run 5 miles, meditate, do some core workouts, write my blog, write a new marketing plan, review my goals for the day, eat a handful of organic office by 8:00…”  

Most of us try to do our best and yeah, could probably optimize our mornings. But what about the long stretch of the day from 1pm to 5pm or so?

We’ve heard from many Freedom users that afternoons are when they struggle the most to stay focused and create their best work.

Here’s a video we put together about how Freedom can help you make your afternoons more productive.  [Running time 1:39]

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