How to Make the Time to Learn

How to Make the Time to Learn


Think about this: what would you like to learn or what skill do you wish you had?  Maybe you’d like to speak Spanish, use Photoshop, or learn to write code.

Often we have the desire to learn, but with a daunting task such as learning a language, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, distracted, or become unmotivated. Maybe you feel that you don’t have the time, but think about how much time you pour into Netflix, newsfeeds, and inboxes. Too often we fall into the trap of being busy rather than productive.

“Too often we fall into the trap of being busy rather than productive.”

So we propose a new kind of power hour. Instead of your usual online routine of clickbait links, notifications, and emails, commit an hour or two each week to learning something new.

Need help committing to learning? Freedom can help

First, decide what times you want to reserve for learning. Next, Freedom can help make those times most effective by blocking any digital distractions that may get in the way.

With Freedom you have the ability to schedule recurring blocks of all your most distracting sites, apps, and notifications across all your devices. With this feature you can set aside an hour or two each week to block out the noise and distraction of digital daily  life and focus on learning something new.

Recurring Freedom sessions help keep you focused and committed by scheduling undistracted time blocks in advance – helping you make productivity a habit so you can succeed in your online learning goals.

“Recurring Freedom sessions help keep you focused and committed by scheduling undistracted time blocks advance – helping you make productivity a habit.”

Learning isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes time and consistent practice, but never let the excuses of time and resources hold you back. With Freedom you can make learning a habit.


Not sure what or where to learn? We’ve got some suggestions for the best free online learning resources.


Duolingo is an incredibly intuitive interactive language-learning program that lets you learn at your own pace. With over 15 languages to choose from, and a variety of interactive activities and games – Duolingo makes learning fun and keeps you coming back for more. It’s completely free and while you learn, you’ll actually be helping translate untranslated pages of the Internet.


With the goal of bringing education into the future, Code Academy let’s you learn how to code interactively for free. With everything from learning how to make a website, to coding in HTML, JavaScript, Ruby, or Python – Code Academy has you covered.

EDX.ORG: is your one-stop shop for all the university classes you wished you’d taken. With courses from the top universities, like Harvard and UCLA, you can explore topics from engineering to medicine, architecture to ethics.


Skillshare can help you learn creative skills in as little as 15 minutes – with bite sized lessons you can fit into your day. Learn everything from iOS to photography in a few free short lessons.



  • Khan Academy: Take control of your learning by working on the skills you choose at your own pace with free online courses.
  • CreativeLive: Learn from the best creatives and be inspired by these free online classes
  • Coursera: Take the world’s best courses, online
  • Udemy: Learn new skills online, at your pace, on any device.
  • Rosetta Stone: The golden standard for learning a language online
  • MasterClass: Learn new skills from the masters themselves.