Install Freedom

Download and install Freedom wherever you need it.




  1. Download and double-click FreedomSetup.dmg
  2. Drag to Applications Folder
  3. Launch and log in

Supported systems

  • 11 and later

Need more help?

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Calming Browser Extension

Install our browser extension to display a calming green "blocked" screen on blocked sites.

Install Browser Extension

Our browser extension requires the Freedom Desktop app to work on Mac. Windows. Also available for other browsers.

Free Browser Extension Apps

We've built a number of browser extensions that complement Freedom. These extensions are currently supported on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera. Install them and give them a try - they're free!


Pause momentarily before visiting a distracting website.

Install Pause


Limit allows you to limit your time spent on distracting websites.

Install Limit


Insight shows you where you are spending your time online.

Install Insight


Focus blocks non-educational websites, so students focus on success.

Install Focus