Freedom Features

Your time is your most valuable resource.

Don't let your valuable time get fragmented and lost - use Freedom to manage distractions. Here are some of Freedom's features, and how they help you get your best work done.


Cover All of Your Devices

Freedom blocks distracting websites and apps on all your devices. Covered devices include:

  • Mac OS X 10.8 - 10.12
  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • iOS 9+ (iPad, iPhone)


Block Apps and Websites

Create unlimited lists of websites and apps that distract you. Mix and match them during the day.

  • Assign blocklists to any device or schedule
  • Add websites and apps to custom lists
  • Use our pre-defined blocks
  • Block the entire internet - for times when you really need do not disturb


Schedule Freedom Sessions

Build new, productive habits with our scheduling feature. Set it and forget it!

  • Sessions start automatically on your devices - no willpower necessary!
  • Schedule recurring sessions (hours/days of week)
  • Schedule sessions in advance
  • Assign any devices or blocklists to your scheduled sessions


Build Habits with Locked Mode

Locked mode gives your willpower an extra boost!

  • Prevents modifying Freedom sessions when running
  • Of course, you can still add sites while lock mode is enabled
  • Prevents sign-out on your devices
  • Helps to break the most pernicious habits

How Freedom works

Take a quick tour of Freedom.

Navigating the Freedom Dashboard

The Freedom Dashboard is your control center, and we've designed it to be intuitive and easy to use. At the Freedom Dashboard, you can set up and select your blocklists, add devices and create schedules. And of course, you can start your Freedom sessions from the dashboard or directly from any of your devices.


Using Freedom on your iPhone or iPad

The Freedom App is easy to install - just download and sign in. You can run sessions on a schedule, or if you need a quick break, directly from our app.


Using Freedom on your Computer

The Freedom App for Mac or Windows is easy to install - just download and sign in on your devices. You can run sessions on a schedule, or if you need a quick break, directly from our app.


What's in the works

We've got a team dedicated to making Freedom the most powerful and effective platform available to help professionals stay on task, focused and incredibly productive. Here are some new features that we are are working on:

  • Whitelisting: select sites you want to access and block everything else
  • Stats and reports to keep you informed of your progress
  • Continued updates to our iOS app including in-app management
  • What features do you want? Let us know!

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