Freedom for iOS

Use Freedom to temporarily block distracting apps and websites on your iPhone and iPad so you can focus on what matters most.

Freedom users report gaining an average of 2.5 hours of productive time each day and we're proud to have helped our users reclaim 10,000,000 hours in the past year.

Freedom for iOS enables you to block distracting apps and websites on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.


Block Apps and Websites

Block your distractions.
Focus on what matters.

A screenshot showing one active session that is running on your Macbook Pro and iPhone X, blocking social media and email. A countdown indicates that there are 9 minutes remaining before the session ends.

Create custom blocklists.

A screenshot showing a diverse list of distractions including Pinterest, Politics, Reddit, and New York Times, with a toggle button to add or remove them from a custom blocklist.

Schedule Sessions to Make Productivity a Habit

Start a session on the fly...

A screenshot showing the interface for starting a session, with controls to select the blocklists, devices, and duration for the session.

...Or create recurring schedules to make productivity a habit.

A screenshot showing a list of recurring sessions, with names like morning productivity (weekdays at 9:00 AM) and afternoon power hour (Every day at 2:00 PM).

Don’t let distracting and addicting technology steal your time from what’s important - get Freedom and be more focused and productive.


Block Apps and Websites

Block an unlimited number of distractions for as long as you want. Select from a pre-made blocklist or create your own custom blocklist of your time-consuming distractions.

Sync Across Your Devices

Distractions aren’t limited to your phone! Create an account so you can sync your block sessions to your Mac or Windows computers, Android devices, and Chromebooks. There’s no limit to the number of devices, and you can even block distracting desktop apps on Mac and Windows!

Advance Scheduling

Choose to schedule your blocks now, later, or create recurring blocks to help make focus and productivity a habit.

Locked Mode

Make it harder to bypass blocks with Locked Mode and break even the most pernicious habits and addictions.

Manage In-app, or from the Freedom Dashboard

The Freedom Dashboard is your control center, and we've designed it to be intuitive and easy to use. At the Freedom Dashboard, you can set up and select your blocklists, add devices and create schedules. And of course, you can start your Freedom sessions from the dashboard or directly from any of your devices.


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