Freedom for Mac

Block Websites and Apps

Freedom blocks websites and apps on your Mac - so you can focus and do your best work. With Freedom, you can selectively block sites in any browser and block any Mac apps. When you really need to focus, block the whole internet or block everything except what you need for your work or study. Freedom gives you control.

Features that Make You More Productive

  • Freedom Scheduling helps you be consistently productive by scheduling recurring sessions
  • Freedom Locked Mode prevents you from quitting during a session - stay on-task!
  • Website exceptions - block everything except the sites you need to access
  • Install Freedom on all your devices - no need to pay per-device
  • Sync Freedom sessions across all your devices - Mac, Windows, iOS and Android
  • Start Freedom from the app or the Freedom Dashboard - sessions run on all selected devices

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Launch Freedom and Log In

A screenshot showing the login screen with a username and password field

Freedom Runs Quietly in the Menubar

A screenshot showing the menubar interface for starting a session, with menu items for selecting the blocklists, devices, and duration for the session

Manage In-app, or from the Freedom Dashboard

The Freedom Dashboard is your control center, and we've designed it to be intuitive and easy to use. At the Freedom Dashboard, you can set up and select your blocklists, add devices and create schedules. And of course, you can start your Freedom sessions from the dashboard or directly from any of your devices.


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