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3 Skillshare Classes to Instantly Boost Your Productivity

3 Skillshare Classes to Instantly Boost Your Productivity

3 Skillshare Classes to Instantly Boost Your Productivity

There’s no shortage of articles sharing tips and advice about how to be more productive. Good stuff, but every now and then we need a serious makeover in the productivity department – some concentrated instruction and time spent learning directly from experts who’ve been there.  Experts who’ve solved problems like how to get more done, how to use time more wisely, or how to communicate effectively.

Enter our friends at Skillshare. Here’s where you’ll find comprehensive productivity advice and techniques in concise, inspiring and structured video lessons/classes that go well beyond an article or blog post. Skillshare empowers creators to pursue work they love, with “bite-sized” video classes on a variety of creative skills and topics. Better yet, they’re offering 3 months of free access to Freedom users before January!

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The Skillshare platform provides personalized recommendations and community interaction along with a set of note-taking and video control tools that make it far more valuable than simply browsing topics on YouTube.  

You’ll access Skillshare classes from the browser or their iOS or Android apps. With the apps, Skillshare is available offline so you can be anywhere without wifi or a phone connection and still have access to your classes.

Of course what really matters is the content, and this is what you won’t find anywhere else. Skillshare instructors are passionate and deeply knowledgeable about their topics. Their expertise is evident in their simple and easy-to-follow progression of the classes and the passion with which each class is taught. It’s easy to tell that the instructors really care about their topics and want you to benefit from what they have to say.

Here are 3 classes, all highly rated by thousands of students, that we love and think can really make a difference in your life.

Skillshare Productivity Classes

1. Productivity and Time Management: Get More Done

Time: 30 minutes, 8 videos

From the folks at Trello, this class has bite-sized chapters like “What is Productivity,” “Goals, Priorities & Execution,” “How to Prioritize,” and “Time Management.” These basics are a good place to start and Trello’s a terrific tool that we use every day here at Freedom.  Here’s an intro video:

[wpvideo FaBiBfDq]

2. Public Speaking and Presentation Skills with Simon Sinek

Time: 33 minutes, 6 videos

Not obviously a “productivity” class, but Simon’s processes and pure enthusiasm provide a keen thought structure that carries over from public speaking/presentation to writing and everyday work. It’s a structure that can help us focus on what’s important and consequently be more productive. This “Start with Why…” author has the second most-watched TED talk of all time – and in this class you’ll see why. Here’s an intro: 

[wpvideo 3NHgkHsg]

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3. Productivity for Creatives: Turning Ideas into Action

Time: 1h 13m, 8 videos

Tanner Christensen is a creative strategist, product designer at Facebook, author, developer, tinkerer, and creativity expert. A lot of us who are creative are our own worst enemies – productivity doesn’t always come naturally. Take this class to learn specific strategies to repeatedly turn your ideas into action.  Here’s an intro from Tanner:

[wpvideo Lewoxozr]

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Check out all 3 Productivity Classes

So jump over to Skillshare now, enroll in the above 3 classes and thousands more. Skillshare’s personalized recommendations will show you other classes based on your preferences. You’ll be compelled to make learning a part of your everyday life.

Stay tuned for our recommended Skillshare classes for writers in an upcoming post!