5 Reads to Help You Do the Work That Matters Most

At Freedom we are lucky to have many of our users write about their experience. From tweets to published articles – the Freedom community is buzzing with productivity strategy, advice, and experiments for a more focused, fulfilled life.

This week’s articles focus on deep work and doing the work that matters most. This type of work requires more mental energy than checking email or other simple tasks, but in the long run will help you achieve meaningful results for your personal goals, development, and career. Too often this type of work gets neglected due to distractions, procrastination, or simple, time-eating tasks – so here are a few articles to help you focus on the work that matters.

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How Distracted Are You? [QUIZ]

Let’s face it, very few of us can say that we haven’t felt the gnawing frustration and loss of productivity caused by digital distraction. 
Whether it’s checking email habitually, responding to notifications, bouncing around browser tabs, or using apps.  Too often we get distracted and pulled away from doing deep and meaningful work – the work that matters most. 

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3 Reasons Why Social Media Is Making You Unhappy

For most of us, social media and the internet has become a normal part of everyday life. We use these platforms daily to communicate, share, and connect with friends, family, colleagues and strangers. But despite being more connected than ever, are we any better off? Are we any happier?

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5 Apps to Help Organize, Prioritize, and Get Stuff Done

We like to think that Freedom is best when used in combination with other things. It’s not just about blocking digital distractions, but rather what you do once those distractions are blocked. With Freedom as your internet and app blocker, apps and tools like Todoist, Pocket, Sortd, and Calendly can help you better organize, sort, plan, and prioritize so that you can make the most of your time. With focus and clarity to think, imagine what you can accomplish!

Here are some of our favorite apps to pair with the distraction-blocking power of Freedom for an enhanced and optimized working experience.

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Digital Detox: Is It Right for You?


“Are you sure you want to logout?” A simple question that for many of us today can now seem daunting. Most of us do feel guilty about the amount of time we spend connected and plugged into our all-consuming digital world, yet the thought of disconnecting and logging out makes us anxious. We’re anxious that we might miss something, fall behind, or let someone down with our digital absence.

By now you’ve probably heard or read something about the idea of “digital detox.” It’s like any other juice cleanse or detox diet, but instead of ridding the body of toxins, it’s an attempt to free the mind of gnawing stress that comes with constant digital connection. The concept is simple: log off, sign out, and turn off all things digital. Although seemingly simple, most of us find it extremely difficult to disentangle ourselves from our intricately connected digital lives. This is clearly evident in many digital detox services such as retreats, classes, and workshops that have arisen over the last few years.

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Jessie Kwak: On Focus, Freelancing, and Fiction Writing

At Freedom we love our users – not just because they use our product but because they’re cool – cool people working on cool stuff. Academy Award-nominated screenwriters, best-selling authors, editors, designers, star TV actors & writers, academic researchers, and entrepreneurs – the Freedom community is packed with curious, creative, and efficient go-getters. We love to share their stories and advice, because how better to learn about productivity than from the productive?

This week’s Freedom spotlight goes to published author, freelance copywriter, and self-declared ‘farm girl’ Jessie Kwak. Jessie has worked as a  catalog copywriter, a popcorn slinger, a carpenter, a beer monger, a tractor driver, and a house manager at a regional theater, and decided that she liked writing best. She received her BA in literature and minor in theater from Seattle Pacific University and is now fulfilling her passions of writing and travel as a freelancer.

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Matt Sandrini: How to set your daily priorities

Every day, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by a never-ending todo list.

Usually, we react by adding more tasks at the bottom, just in case we finish early.
As the day progresses, you then realise you have been doing a lot, but haven’t got much done. You have worked for hours, but haven’t yet had the time to touch any real work. It can feel like a constant game of catching up.

It’s no surprise that 41% of tasks set are never done.

Some people react to this overwhelming amount of work by extending their work day into the late evening, taking time away from tomorrow and tomorrow’s performance. It’s the equivalent of using a credit card for time: you’ll have to pay it off, with interests.

But what is actually holding you back from doing great work…in less time?


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The Art of Procrastination

I’m the king of procrastination. Seriously, I’m the worst. I somehow manage to spend 100x more energy not doing something than a fraction of the same energy simply doing said thing. It makes no sense, but I have an incredible knack for talking myself out of getting moving on a project. If this sounds like you, I assure you, we’re a lot alike. For me, it’s starting that’s the hard part and unfortunately, what I’ve found is that there’s no trick for getting going. The reality is, you have to just dive in. Prolific advice, right? (I’m pretty much the Shia Labeouf of doing important shit.) Just do it. Really though, I think what’s important here is reminding myself that often times the work I push off isn’t actually that hard. While there’s no magic pill for getting into a project, I have found a couple tricks that help get over the hurdle and allow me to settle in on work that I’m less than enthused about.

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Our Favorite Tools for Writers

Writers Tools

Long gone are the days when being a writer only involved some paper and a pen.  Being a writer isn’t easy, but the process of writing can be – with the right tools. Now more than ever, writers have a wide range of tools at their disposal to help them write, edit, plan, focus, collaborate, and publish whenever and wherever. Whether you’re a writer, author, blogger, researcher, freelancer, or all the above, the right tools can make all the difference in honing your craft and producing your best writing.

Here are a few of our favorite tools for writers:

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Adam Alter: Irresistible Technology

Adam Alter Irresistible Technology.jpgMeet Adam Alter. Alter is a psychology and marketing professor at the University of New York and a New York Times best-selling author. His academic research focuses on judgment and decision-making, as well as social psychology – with a focus on how subtle cues in our environment shape our behaviors and thinking. His most recent work, Irresistible (2017), examines the troubling modern phenomena of behavioral addictions, especially in regard to many of our digital technologies, such as Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, Fitbit, and email.

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