Freedom 101 - FAQs answered

Freedom 101 - FAQs answered

Tech can be tricky – we get it. But here at Freedom, we are strong believers that tech should always work for you and not the other way around. So, we wanted to take some time to answer some of the most common questions we see coming up regarding how-to’s, future updates, and support questions.


The Basics:

How do I to install Freedom?

After signing up for an account on, the next step is installing Freedom on all your devices. If you’re having trouble with any of these steps, check out the helpful support links that will guide you through the process with mini videos.

  • Sign up + Installation for Mac, Windows, and iOS devices


How do I use Freedom?

  • Firstly, thanks for trying Freedom. Here’s a quick video to give you an overview of how to use the Freedom platform:


How can I change my account type?

  • If you want to upgrade your trial to Premium, just log into your Freedom dashboard and click “Upgrade” in the top navigation

To change your plan type, just follow these simple steps:

  • Go to your Freedom profile =
  • Click on “Manage Billing”
  • And then under Active Subscriptions, click “Edit”
  • From this screen, you will be able to change your subscription.



Basic Troubleshooting for Mac, Windows, and iOS

How to block apps using Freedom:

  • Blocking an app is similar to blocking a site, with the exception that you have to add the app’s specific URL. The good news is that with Freedom’s iOS 2.0 update, we’ve made it much easier to block apps by adding pre-made filters for some of the most common apps. For more information on how to block apps check out this page.


 How to stop a Freedom block session:

  • If you don’t have “locked mode” enabled and want to end a Freedom session – check out this support page.


What is “locked mode” and how do I enable/disable it?

  • “Locked mode” is a feature you can enable while using Freedom to ensure that you can’t end a Freedom session early. If you want to learn more about how to use this feature – check out this page.


I’ve installed Freedom, but it’s not blocking _________ site or app


I’m having trouble with getting Freedom to work on my iOS phone or tablet

  • As iOS updates roll out pretty frequently, we are always doing our best to help Freedom remain compatible and functional, however, if you’re having some trouble be sure to check out our iOS troubleshooting page.



Future Updates:

Will there be an Android version?

  • We previously made two Android clients – a stand-alone app, and one that we tested with our service.  With the release of Android 6.0, Google essentially made our blocking strategy impossible. For this reason, we are going back to the drawing board and developing a new client.  We expect to have that released later this year.  That client will also not use a VPN (our older strategy), which will lead to a much better experience. We’d love to know what you’d like to see in Freedom for Android – please take this 5 questions survey to share your thoughts: We’re sorry that we don’t have a better solution at present – but we are working on it.


 Is there a way to block everything except a few apps or websites, aka whitelisting?

  • This is a feature that we are working on.  We realize that it is easier to add one exception than to block a lot of sites, but unfortunately it’s a really complicated feature to implement. Although whitelisting is not currently a core feature, there are some ways to implement a whitelist on a desktop with the help of this support doc.


Of course, we would rather you never had to refer to our support pages, but we also recognize that the technical nature of our product can cause a few bumps in the road along the way.

If you have experienced any other issues not covered above, we’d love to help out. For further support help you can visit our support center at or contact us for specific support help.


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