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Freedom Favorites: Creative Inspiration

Creative Inspiration Freedom

Sometimes a spark of inspiration can come from nowhere, other times it can feel like drawing blood from a stone just to come up with one idea.

It might seem like a matter of chance, but believe it or not, inspiration can come more easily than you think. It’s all about making the time and space while cultivating habits that are conducive to creative thinking.

These are a few of our favorite articles to inspire you to do more of what you love!

How To Get Inspired!

how to get inspired

When we don’t have time to wait around for inspiration to hit, how can we give it a helping hand?

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Pamela Paul on the Lost Art of Boredom

Pamela Paul inspiration writing

The author and New York Times Books editor on the things tech has taken from us – and how we can reclaim some of them!

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The Ultimate Guide To Overcoming Creative Block

Man with journal over his face with a question mark - creative block

Creative block is so frustrating that entire novels have been written about it. The good news is that you can overcome it!

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5 Steps to Clear Your Mind and Make Room for Creative Work

Make space for creative work

Creative people can have a reputation for being a bit chaotic. Sometimes it’s the kind of chaos that brings about flashes of genius, but other times it can actually keep us from that magical state of creativity.

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Productivity’s Ultimate Reward: The Joy of Creating

the joy of creativity

We’re never more productive than when we’re obsessively focused on something. One reward of that intense productivity is something elusive that we don’t often talk about: joy.

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Sara Jansen: An Analog Artist Learning to Live in a Digital World

artist analog inspiration sara jansen

Despite a year of confinement, Barcelona-based illustrator Sara Jansen Avecilla used the time productively, unlocked her creativity, – and reclaimed public spaces!

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Maura Chanz on Focus, Motivation, and Creative Careers

Maura Chanz

Maura Chanz is an actress, multi-disciplinary artist, writer, entrepreneur, and champion for several causes.

We sat down with her to find out how someone who wears so many hats finds the time and focus to do it all. 

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