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Introducing Ambient Coffee Shop Sounds on the Freedom Dashboard

Ambient Coffee Shop Sounds on Freedom App

This week we’re thrilled to announce ambient Coffee Shop Sounds on the Freedom Dashboard. 

You can now give your block sessions and focus an extra boost with coffee shop sounds from around the globe.

When working remotely, many of us are drawn to coffee shops – not just for the steady supply of caffeine – but because they also provide the optimally noisy environment that helps one achieve deep focus. 

Although a noisy environment may seem counterintuitive to focus and productivity, studies have shown that static sound, such as ambient noise, can have the effect of “…enhancing cognitive functioning, optimizing the ability to concentrate, and increasing overall worker satisfaction.”

Ambient Coffee Shop Sounds - Freedom App Dashboard

Ambient sounds can help counter some of the aural distractions our environments produce by creating a steady level of static noise, that allows our attention to remain on the task at hand.

Try our Coffee Shop Sounds now and see what a little noise can do for your focus and productivity!

How to use Coffee Shop Sounds

Ambient Coffee Shop Sounds

To listen, simply log into your Freedom Dashboard and select an option from our list of cafes around the globe:

  • Berlin
  • London
  • New York
  • Reykjavik 
  • Stockholm 
  • San Francisco 

From the dashboard you can also pause the ambient sounds and control the volume.

Note: For best results we recommend using headphones while listening to help create a closed audio environment.

We currently offer ambient sounds from 6 cities, but plan to expand the selection soon! If you have feedback or a request in mind, let us know via our Feature Request Survey.