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Looking Back at Freedom’s First Year

Looking Back at Freedom’s First Year

This week Freedom turns one. Since launching the Freedom platform out of beta last September, over 200,000 of you have made Freedom a crucial part of your home and work routines. We are humbled and inspired every day by the accomplishments of our Freedom community. As authors, entrepreneurs, professors, students, researchers, artists and programmers, you have learned, published, launched, painted, created, taught, and committed to doing the things that matter. And for that, we thank you.

Here are some fun facts about Freedom and our users that we learned over the last year:


As we celebrate our first year, we want to reflect on what’s most important to both our customers and us. We love being a part of your work and home lives and want to renew our commitment and determination to bringing you the best possible product.

Looking toward the future, we’re building an integrated and intuitive system that adapts to your habits, routines, schedule and workflow.Your feedback has given us endless insight into what matters and what we need to work on.  Freedom’s product vision will always be focused  through the lens of value and our mission: to develop better ways of interacting with technology so people become healthier, happier, and more productive.

In the near term, look for developments like:

  • Website Exceptions (our top requested feature)
  • Integrations with some of your other favorite tools
  • Expanded iOS capabilities
  • Android

We thank you for a great year and hope to continue serving you by helping you do the things that matter most.

Freedom Team