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We believe there’s creative energy in each of us. A creative energy that fuels our work, not just artistic creation, but every aspect of being productive. Whether creating symphonies, skyscrapers, stories, order, ideas, software or dinner – humans have a singular ability to create.

We also believe that much of that energy goes untapped. We get distracted, delayed, and demotivated – our flow of thought interrupted and our attention stolen by something less significant: our delightful yet constantly beckoning digital world.

We love Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, messaging, email, apps… But when our creative energy is continually interrupted to check, watch, listen, read…the habit of producing gets overwhelmed by the habit of consuming.  

That habit of consuming – of nibbling away at the bits of info that come our way every minute of every day, can be controlled.

With the desire and the right tools, new habits of focus and creativity can replace the habit of distraction.

That’s why we created Freedom. Freedom is a productivity platform that blocks digital distractions on all your devices and allows you to focus on what matters most. It’s not about banning the internet, or ridding our lives of digital devices – it’s about giving you control over digital distraction. It’s about finding Freedom. Freedom to do what matters.

Our mission: To develop better ways of interacting with technology so people become healthier, happier, and more productive.

Here are some of our goals for the Freedom blog:

Inform and inspire:

  • Insights and guest posts from top experts on productivity, digital distraction, time management, best work habits
  • Latest research on distraction, productivity, and focus
  • Tips for a healthy relationship with technology
  • Ideas for how to use the precious resource of time most efficiently

Build Community:

  • Share your stories – give others the benefit of learning from all the amazing work you do, how you do it, how you’re being more productive
  • Foster a community of creators + doers dedicated to adding meaningful contributions to the world + living fulfilled lives

Share Resources:

  • Provide excellent customer experience, best practices and tools to Freedom users
  • Provide resources + insight into the tech/startup community that could assist in the advancement of the industry

Have a story to tell about technology, how to be more productive, how you’ve used Freedom or other productivity tools? We’d love to hear from you!