You’ll Find Us Offline

You’ll Find Us Offline

You'll find us offline – Freedom

In today’s world, your time and attention are your most precious resources and are becoming ever more difficult to protect. At Freedom, we want to be part of the solution to the culture of information overload and distraction.

Freedom was born out of the desire to promote positive change and help people become healthier, happier, and more productive. In a year that has seen many of us reassess our values and priorities, we wanted to double down on delivering our purpose.

For us, this means ensuring we work with companies that share those same values. Companies that care about more than just the Attention Economy and won’t use your data in questionable ways. This is why earlier this year we decided to stop actively posting and advertising on Facebook and Facebook-owned media platforms. 

While we endeavor to create and share meaningful content for our community, we want to do so without contributing to the relentless cacophony of information. At Freedom, we are building ethical technology that helps you focus on what matters most.

That’s why you’ll find us offline. Will you join us?