Shamsi Iqbal

Working Smarter – Shamsi Iqbal

The way that I like thinking about microtasks in particular is that I would like to have a list of these available at my own disposal. Say that, well, I can access those at any […]

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Amit Gupta - CEO of writing AI tool Sudowrite

AI and Creative Writing – Amit Gupta

 “I think it’s up to us as a society to figure out the way we want these tools to be used. At least in my personal experience, I think technology started out in a very […]

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Dan Clark and Phil Amalong

Sounds for Deep Work – Dan Clark & Phil Amalong

“So, what happens is because we are pre combining and creating amplitude modulations directly in our music, it actually skips your brainstem and goes right to your prefrontal cortex, where there is the greatest resolution, […]

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John Mack Freedom Matters

The Tools of Our Mind – John Mack & Freedom Matters

To reshape our relationship with technology we must first reshape the relationship that we have with ourselves John Mack is an American artist, photographer, author, and founder of Life Calling, a nonprofit organization whose mission […]

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