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Freedom Favorites: Social Media Survival

Freedom Social Media

Social media is one of the biggest distractions around today, which is why we’ve curated the best social media content from our ever-growing library of resources in one place.

Your new, better-balanced relationship with social media starts here!

Social Media Can Be Toxic – It Doesn’t Have To Be

Social Media doesn't have to be toxic

Social Media has a bad rep for being all doom and gloom, but it has its positives. It’s how you use it that counts.

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The Life Changing Magic Of A Social Media Break

I hate social media! How do I take a break? Neon sign showing 0 likes.

An estimated 5 – 10% of Americans are addicted to social media, 71% sleep with their phones each night, and 74% check Facebook every day.

If I told you that taking a social media break would change your life, would you believe me?

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Letting Go of Social Media & Finding Freedom to Create

Andy Leech Musician Social Media

Electronic musician and producer Andy Leech experienced a less than healthy relationship with social media over the years, but learning to use social media more consciously has freed up time to dedicate to his physical and mental wellbeing –and, of course– creating music!

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Cal Newport: Are You Using Social Media or Being Used By It?

Cal Newport is social media using you

Social media companies cannot reach multi-billion dollar valuations based on controlled use. What they need is compulsive use, which is what happens when you get snagged into an addictive streak of low-value tapping, liking, and swiping.

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I Hate Social Media: A Guide To Taking A Break

I hate social media

If you’ve ever found yourself hating social media and wanting to take a break, this post is for you. We’re going to break down why people often hate social media, as well as how to effectively take a break. 

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The Truth About Youth & Technology – Larissa May

Larrissa May Half The Story Freedom Matters podcast

Larissa May, founder of Half the Story, a global not-for-profit, is on a mission is to empower youth to engage in technology with intention. She joined us on the Freedom Matters podcast to discuss the next generation’s relationship with social media, and the dangers of commercializing mental health.

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