New hobbies What happens: In hobbies like learning a new language or instrument, you often get to a plateau point. At first, you were flooded with new knowledge and the patterns seemed to make sense, but then you reach the stage when a new set of rules show up and the amount of effort to figure them out starts to seem insurmountable. Try this: Harsh as it may sound, lower your expectations. Mastering the violin isn’t like solving a sudoku puzzle—it takes time and dedication. If you have that dedication, stick with it. Make small goals—in the violin example, learning to read music or playing a simple tune. Reward yourself for those achievements, and when the work seems too hard, remind yourself why you got interested in your hobby in the first place. Finish anything The main takeaways you can apply to pretty much any project you want to finish: Set goals to stay on task. Set smaller goals to keep them manageable. Discipline yourself to keep moving forward and don’t procrastinate. (Need some motivation? Read this article.) Reward yourself for your achievements. Now you’ve finished reading this article. There’s one thing you can check off your to-do list!

How to Finish Anything You Start!

Everybody loves finishing tasks and putting a big check mark next to completed to-dos. When it’s a bigger project or a longer-term task, sometimes that check mark seems impossibly far away. So how do you […]

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Top productivity posts of 2017

Best Productivity Posts of 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, we wanted to take the time to review some of our top productivity posts from the year. As always, we are incredibly grateful to the whole Freedom community and our many talented and knowledgeable productivity experts for sharing their expertise, experience, and advice on how to stay focused on the things that truly matter most.

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The art of procrastination

The Art of Procrastination

The Art of Procrastination I’m the king of procrastination. Seriously, I’m the worst. I somehow manage to spend 100x more energy not doing something than a fraction of the same energy simply doing said thing. […]

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