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Update from Freedom on COVID-19

Freedom removed from iOS App Store

Like many of you, the team at Freedom has been playing close attention to the ongoing situation with COVID-19. Our hearts are with everyone affected by this disease in ways large and small.

As a company, we’ve been affected in the expected ways – lockdowns, school closures – and we’ve focused on ways to ease the burden on our staff. We are primarily a remote, distributed company, so we are theoretically prepared for this mode of work. But this is absolutely not business as usual, so we are giving our staff the time they need to deal with this situation.

That being said, we expect a great deal of stability. Freedom services and infrastructure are mature, and we have refocused our roadmap to prioritize reliability through this time. In addition, the company is on good financial footing, with significant reserves. Freedom has been around for ten years – we will be here to support you through this.

We realize that many of our customers have recently shifted to working from home. There is an endless stream of advice about working from home, so we won’t repeat it. Our advice is just be gentle on yourself. Shifting the way you work in a time of duress is a stressful event. Your productivity will take a hit, just be OK with that.

One thing we do feel pretty strongly about is checking the news compulsively is not good for well-being. We’d suggest trying to find ways to time-box your exposure to news content. Our Chrome plugins, Pause and Limit, can be helpful for this purpose, and they are completely free. Another idea is to simply turn off notifications from news apps. I’ve done this and it has made a world of difference.

We build Freedom for you. We build it so you can do amazing work that changes the world. And we build it so you can take a moment away from the noise. As the world slows down and things seem uncertain, you are in our thoughts more than ever.