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3 Apps You Need to Conquer Digital Distraction

Apps to fight digital distraction


Are you satisfied with the amount of time you spend staring at screens? For an almost overwhelming majority of us, the answer is ‘nope.’

Digital distraction is everywhere, stealing away our attention and time and forcing us to battle with our self-control minute by minute.

Fortunately, tech can help us as much as it can harm us when it comes to digital distraction. Here are a few apps you should know about to help you reclaim your attention, focus, and time.

Moment app

 1. Moment 

Moment is an app that helps you become more aware of the time you spend on your phone and tablet. It tracks the number of times you unlock your phone, how much you time you spend on your devices each day, and what apps you use the most.  [COST – Free // $3.99 Pro]


forest app

2. Forest

Forest is an app that can give you a little extra motivation for being present and focused. It’s simple – when you want to focus, plant a seed in the app. Gradually, your seed will grow into a tree as long as you remain in the app and away from other distractions. When you leave the app, the tree dies. The more you focus, the thicker your forest grows. Track your progress with stats and achievements and earn points that contribute to planting real trees around the world.  [COST – $1.99]


Freedom app

3. Freedom

Of course we may be slightly biased, but Freedom is the ultimate tool for blocking digital distractions across all your phone, tablet, and computer. Schedule a block of your most distracting websites and apps, select for how long you want the block to last, and let Freedom take care of the rest. With Freedom you can even create recurring blocks to help you make focus and productivity a habit. [COST: $2.42/month for 12 months]