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Digital Wellness Trends in 2019, According to the Experts

Digital Wellness Trends

Phones OFF, Conversations ON

This week we are excited to bring you “Phones OFF, Conversations ON,” a collaborative report covering emerging digital wellness trends and the latest research on the benefits of unplugging.

“Phones OFF, Conversations ON” brings together 17 leaders and pioneers within the digital wellness industry to discuss the problem of addicting and distracting tech and the solutions that are currently being created to fight back.

The experts come from a variety of backgrounds including writers, entrepreneurs, tech engineers, therapists, mindful teachers, artists, and retreat owners. They bring a personal and human perspective to an increasingly technical problem – sharing their thoughts about disconnecting, their recommendations, how they are contributing, and their vision for the digital wellness space over the next five years.

Distracting and addicting tech is a growing epidemic that affects every aspect of our increasingly digital lives. It’s time to disconnect and have a conversation.


Catherine Price


Author of ‘How to Break Up with Your Phone’

Why should we unplug more often?

Catherine Price: “Our lives are what we pay attention to. We only remember what we pay attention to; we only experience what we pay attention to. So we’d better be sure that when we spend our attention on something, it’s the result of a conscious choice!”

Juan Sanchez - Bagby


Co-Founder of

What is your vision for the digital wellness industry over the next 5 years?

Juan Sanchez Bonet: “I see people counting minutes off their phones as we have been doing with calories, steps and other metrics.”

Kim Cavallo


Founder of Lilspace

What are some key benefits of unplugging?

Kim Anenberg Cavallo: “The key benefit to unplugging is being able to show myself or someone I love that I am focusing my full attention on the present moment. Unplugging gives me another way to be loving.”

Georgie Powell


Founder of Space and Work/Life Balance LTD

What is your vision of the digital wellness industry in the next 5 years?

Georgie Powell: “I think the digital wellbeing industry will become akin to the fitness industry. It will be as important for people to set healthy boundaries around their relationship with technology, and we will become better at educating everybody about how to do that. At the heart of this movement will be the realization that humans should be at the heart of technology, rather than the other way around.”

fred stutzman


Founder and CEO of Freedom

What are some key benefits of unplugging?

Fred Stutzman: “Unplugging is a choice. It forces us to think about our priorities, and choose how we spend our time. It breaks us from the cycle of digital consumption, offering a moment to focus on what matters most.”

To learn more and hear from the other digital wellness experts, finish reading the paper above or download a copy below.