5 Tips to Study and Write Like a Pro

5tipsforstudyingBack-to-school season is in. You might have made it through your first day of school, but as the year continues – you’ll need more than a new outfit and a good breakfast to keep you motivated and focused.

Whether starting high school, finishing college, or tackling a PhD, writing and studying are a part of daily life. Although these things may never be easy, these are a few tips and tricks you can use to make achieving your goals as painless as possible. Read more

Best-selling author Farrah Rochon on writing lessons learned, conquering distraction, and staying motivated


NaNoWriMo 2015 is long since over, but is it ever a bad time to get a little advice from a published author? We don’t think so! We sat down with Farrah Rochon, best-selling author based in a small town just west of New Orleans, to learn about her experiences with biggest writing lessons learned, conquering distraction, and how she manages to stay inspired, motivated, and meet deadlines. She has written titles such as Deliver MeYours Forever, and I’ll Catch You that have received rave reviews and many honors such as several SORMAG Readers’ Choice Awards, RITA award nominations, and the Emma Award for Author of the Year.

What advice would you offer less experienced writers – especially in regard to staying productive, motivated, and focused while writing? 

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