Distractions in the workplace

10 Ways to Improve Employee Performance by Managing Digital Distractions

With the rise of the technology-enabled workplace, digital distractions pose novel challenges for executives and managers. Digital devices make it easier for employees to communicate, share ideas, and stay on task even when they’re out of town, but the distractions that accompany these devices cost companies significant time and money.

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Five Ways to Fix Screen Time

We’ve been tracking the release of Apple’s Screen Time product pretty closely – and not just for the obvious reasons.  Screen Time, which helps people manage phone addiction, was released with iOS 12 and is […]

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Freedom removed from iOS App Store

Freedom is available in the App Store

In Summer 2018, around the time Apple launched the Screen Time product, Apple removed Freedom and other Digital Wellbeing apps from the App Store.  After investigative reporting by the New York Times, and anti-trust investigations […]

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block these 10 sites to focus

Need to Focus? Block These 10 Sites

Freedom makes it very easy to block websites – with the click of a button, you can block any distracting site on your computer, phone, or tablet.  With Freedom, you can block categories of websites […]

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Apple iOS 12

More than Screen Time: Digital Wellness in iOS 12

We, along with many other members of the Digital Wellness community, eagerly watched Apple’s announcements of digital wellbeing features in the upcoming iOS 12 release.  For many of us, this marked a validation of years […]

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