freedom a year online

Freedom in 2020: A Year Online

What we learned about our digital habits from a year lived almost entirely on-screen When you think of 2020 – a year of quarantine, confinement, and a whole lot of screen time – “freedom” is […]

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Apple iOS 12

More than Screen Time: Digital Wellness in iOS 12

We, along with many other members of the Digital Wellness community, eagerly watched Apple’s announcements of digital wellbeing features in the upcoming iOS 12 release.  For many of us, this marked a validation of years […]

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block computers like fortnite

How to Block Fortnite

Far and away the most popular new game of 2018, Epic Games’ Fortnite Battle Royale is proving to be both fun and addicting. With millions of players, popular livestreams and Youtube videos, people are spending […]

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