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Freedom in 2021 – A Year in Review

Freedom a year in review 2021

A look back at the past year – and what it means for the future of work

While 2021 wasn’t quite as unprecedented as the previous year, it was still a long way from pre-pandemic life. As we continued to live through the ongoing pandemic, it became clear that working from home was here to stay. The term hybrid workplace began cropping up more and more, and by the end of the year, it was evident that this combination of working between the home and office would most likely be the future of work.

Indeed, out of the Freedom users we surveyed, 86% switched from WFO to WFH, with 51% envisioning a long-term hybrid working solution as their perfect outcome. 2021 was the year that work went from being a “place” to an activity we performed no matter where we were.

It was definitely a year to remember for all of us at Freedom, with us reaching two major milestones: we launched the Freedom Matters Podcast and surpassed the 2 million users! And that’s not all – with over 10,000 press hits that mentioned Freedom, we feel pretty proud of ourselves!

Of course, none of it would be possible without our amazing community of talented and creative users, so most of all, we want to thank YOU for such an incredible year. As always, we will keep working to make Freedom the best possible tool, and continue to provide the resources to inspire you to do your best work.

2021 – A Year in Review

In keeping with tradition, we’ve compiled some of the most interesting data into an infographic, for an at-a-glance rundown of how we worked, focused, and fought distraction in 2021!

Freedom 2021 data review infographic

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Thanks for another great year!

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