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Freedom for Families

Freedom for Families

In today’s digital world, it’s becoming more and more difficult to help kids develop healthy habits with technology. While Freedom was designed as a personal productivity tool, it can also be used to help set boundaries for kids, and to promote digital wellness.

We’ve collected some of our favorite resources on digital parenting to help parents and caregivers get started using Freedom for their families.

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Freedom for Families Setup Guide

freedom for families setup guide

This guide helps parents and caregivers set up Freedom to regulate screen time and help with digital wellness.

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How To Teach Our Kids Healthy Tech Habits

We expend so much energy trying to ensure that our children have a healthy online/offline balance, but most of us don’t apply that same vigor to monitoring our own time online. 

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Empowering Teens to Find Screen Time Balance

empowering teens to find screen time balance

For parents of teens, the task of digital parenting shifts from one of controlling and restricting screen time to guiding, advising, supporting, and protecting.

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The Miley Family: Finding Screen/Life Balance in Silicon Valley

Miley Family - Disconnecting in silicon valley

The Mileys are a family of three, based at the very epicenter of all things tech – Silicon Valley. Completely immersed and surrounded by tech, we learned how they use Freedom to create healthy boundaries with tech and digital distraction.

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How Students Are Creating Their Own Solutions for Tech-Life Balance

students tech life balance lookup

We sat down with Susan Reynolds, founder of LookUp, to learn about the challenges facing today’s students and the tools and strategies they are using to improve their relationship with tech.

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Julia Storm: Helping Families Raise Kids in the Digital Age

Julia Storm

Julia Storm is the founder of ReConnect, an organization dedicated to providing parents with the skills and information they need to prepare their kids for life in the Digital Age. She shared her tips on how families can enjoy a healthier relationship with technology

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How to Block Websites That Are Distracting, Harmful, and Even Dangerous

how to block websites on a computer or phone

There are many different reasons why you might want to know how to block websites. Here’s exactly how to block websites on Windows, Mac, Chrome, iOS devices, and Android.

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Study Habits & Tools for Teens

Study habits and tools for teens

To set your teenager up for success you can help them develop study skills. They also need to be able to manage distractions, so you can provide certain tools for that.

Here are some tips and strategies to help teens focus on their studies and get their work done today – and in the years to come!

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