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The Hybrid Workplace: 5 Solutions for a New Era in 2022 and Beyond

By now, we’ve all read plenty of articles on changes in the workforce over the past two years. It’s pretty safe to say that the pandemic affected the workplace significantly.

As the dust settles and we close out our second year since the start of the pandemic, we’re starting to see a clearer picture of the effects and how the future of work is taking shape. We’re replacing phrases like “unprecedented times” and “the new normal” with new buzzwords like “hybrid workplace.”

The growth of remote and hybrid work is evident, and we know they are here to stay. But what other major trends are emerging for the year ahead?

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Woman with analysis paralysis trying to make decision with computer

8 Ways To Find Freedom in Limits and Beat Analysis Paralysis

We’ve all been there. We’re excited to plan a trip or learn about a new opportunity, so we open our browser, type in a search, and fall right into the black hole.

With so much information at our fingertips, the decision-making process should be pretty straightforward, right? Unfortunately not.

Access to unlimited information does not empower us to make better choices; instead, it can make us scared of making the wrong choice. We become anxious when we have so many options in front of us.

This is analysis paralysis, the enemy of productivity.

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