5 Reasons to Unplug This Summer

Staying home this year doesn’t mean you can’t get away from it all for a while To say that 2020 has been a challenging year would be an understatement. Crisis followed by crisis, combined with […]

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Block websites on Chromebooks

How to Block Websites on Chromebooks and Linux Devices

Freedom now supports website blocking on devices running Chrome OS (Chromebooks) and Linux operating systems. We do this with the new Freedom Chrome extension, available through the Chrome Store.   What does this mean?  Chromebooks and […]

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Five Ways to Fix Screen Time

We’ve been tracking the release of Apple’s Screen Time product pretty closely – and not just for the obvious reasons.  Screen Time, which helps people manage phone addiction, was released with iOS 12 and is […]

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Apple iOS 12

More than Screen Time: Digital Wellness in iOS 12

We, along with many other members of the Digital Wellness community, eagerly watched Apple’s announcements of digital wellbeing features in the upcoming iOS 12 release.  For many of us, this marked a validation of years […]

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