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Freedom Focus Sounds – Now in the App!

Freedom Focus Sounds

Enjoy our ambient soundscapes whenever & wherever you want

We’re thrilled to announce that you can now find freedom and enjoy our music and soundscapes wherever you are, thanks to the launch of Focus Sounds within the Freedom app!

It’s been known for some time that ambient sound can help us to concentrate and be more productive.

We launched our Coffee Shop Sounds at the end of 2019, with no idea of the global pandemic that lay ahead, but they turned out to be just what people needed to block out the distractions around them during the mass move to work-from-home, and give a sense of community and consistent, safe surroundings in a very uncertain time.

They also sparked several debates over your favorite locations on Twitter and helped CEO Fred’s young son indulge his interest in world travel! We followed with office, library, music, and nature sounds in 2020, and then, Focus Music, which is carefully composed to support focus and productivity.

Freedom Focus Sounds wherever and whenever you want

As a fully remote team at Freedom, we are big on using Focus Sounds ourselves. Software engineer Will says the Los Angeles Coffee Shop Sounds remind him most of the IRL coffee shop he used to work from in the before-times. Meanwhile, Customer Experience Manager John’s preferred virtual coffee destination is Reykjavik, and he’s been recently stepping into Spring with Sonoma and Meadows from our Nature Sounds. 

As things tentatively return to some kind of normal, it makes sense to have Focus Sounds within the app. Whether you need something to relax and ease you back into that daily commute, you need to block out those annoying little background noises in the office, or if your best ideas and inspiration come to you while you’re on the go – you’ll now find calm and focus just a tap away!

Free Focus Sounds For All Freedom Users

Our Focus Sounds and Music are now available for free for all Freedom users on iOS and Android, and of course, you can keep on using them via the dashboard on the website, too. 

Focus Sounds on iOS

To start using Focus Sounds on your iOS device, just open the Freedom App, tap “Sounds” on the navigation bar at the bottom, and select the soundscape of your choice.

Download the iOS app

Freedom Focus Sounds on iOS

Focus Sounds on Android

To begin using Focus Sounds on your Android device, simply open the Freedom app, tap “Focus Sounds” on the navigation bar at the bottom, and select your preferred soundscape.

Download the Android app

Freedom Focus Sounds on Android

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