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Our Favorite Apps 1.0: Organize, Energize, and Focus

Our Favorite Apps 1.0: Organize, Energize, and Focus

Our Favorite Apps 1.0: Organize, Energize, and Focus

We like to think that Freedom is best when used in combination with other things. It’s not just about blocking digital distractions, but rather what you do once those distractions are blocked. With Freedom as your internet and app blocker, apps like Evernote, Scrivener, and Pomotodo seem to open up and over a whole world of creative potential. With focus and space to think, imagine what you can accomplish!

Here are some of our favorite apps to pair with the distraction-blocking power of Freedom for an enhanced and optimized working experience.

SCRIVENER – This is a no brainer for so many of our users. Our Freedom community is packed with authors, screenwriters, journalists, and so many other writing-centric careers. Scrivener is a word-processing software that allows you to write, edit, organize, and manage your writing. Scrivener puts all your notes, planning, research, documents, PDFs, and drafts in one simple, easy-to-access location.

Organize your thoughts on notecards in the virtual corkboard mode, view your research and writing side by side, or use one of Scrivener’s academic templates to get you started. Whether writing a romance novel or dissertation – Scrivener has got all your writing and organizational needs covered.

EVERNOTE – A classic productivity app but still one of our favorites. Evernote is a sleek platform that lets you capture your life’s work and share it across all your devices seamlessly. Store your documents, recipes, notes, scribbles, to-read list and everything in between. With Evernote you can locate any piece of work in seconds and have the option to share or present it with anyone. With uses ranging from preparing your taxes to house hunting to organizing your web clippings – Evernote can truly be the workspace for your life’s work.

POMOTODO – This app combining the popular pomodoro technique and the pervasive to-do list is a simple and powerful tool for ensuring that you work in effective time blocks (a pomodoro time block is typically 25 minutes), mapping those time blocks to your to-do list, and reporting on your progress through the week.

Pomotodo Pro advanced features include calendar sync, goals, reminders and reports. An innovative pay structure allows users to name-your-own price and select from a dozen or so subscription durations. Like Freedom, Pomotodo is available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android.

BRAIN.FM – Many of us listen to music while working.  Music affects our mood, helps shield us from noisy work environments and drives our energy levels as we work at the computer.  But what music is best to keep us focused and productive? Well, as it turns out there are a lot of super smart people studying that very question. is AI-generated music that’s based on neuroscience and proven to increase focus compared to your favorite Spotify or Pandora tracks. is adaptive and personalized, meaning that after sessions you can respond to a number of effectiveness indicators and the algorithm changes your mix based on that input.

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