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Freedom Favorites: Writing Focus

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It’s official: writers love Freedom – and we love them right back! Since the earliest days of Freedom, we’ve been helping authors, editors, screenwriters, poets, copywriters, journalists, bloggers, and songwriters carve out that precious time, space, and mental clairty that allows them to focus on the words that matter.

Thanks to our wonderful community of wordsmiths, we’ve amassed plenty of writing advice over the years, and we are happy to share some of our favorite writing-related content in this guide.

So whether you’re on your first or thirtieth novel, you can jump right in and join over 2 million others who are finding the Freedom to find more focus and productivity with us.

Flow State: How To Find Flow and Happiness in Your Work and Beyond

What exactly is flow state and why do so many people rave about its benefits? Learn how to attain and maintain a flow state for better productivity and happiness.

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How to Create a Writing Routine That Lasts

how to create a writing routine

Writing is the quintessential embodiment of the phrase “easier said than done.” In order to make real progress, you need to make active strides to meet your writing goals — and one of those strides is establishing a strong writing routine.

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Want To Write Faster? 13 Strategies For More Than 1,000 Words Per Hour

working at computer

Being able to write fast is a superpower. And there are some real, proven strategies that will have you cranking up your writing speed in no time.

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The Ultimate Guide To Overcoming Creative Block

Man with journal over his face with a question mark - creative block

Creative block is so frustrating that entire novels have been written about it. The good news is that you can overcome it. In this guide, we’re going to dive into the causes, as well as proven strategies for overcoming it.

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The 14 Best Writing Apps To Supercharge Your Writing

Woman writing on a laptop

There is no shortage of writing apps that promise to remove distractions and make your writing better than ever. But which is right for you?

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Joanna Rakoff: Finding the Courage, Confidence & Clarity of Mind to Become a Best-Selling Author

My Salinger Year Joanna Rakoff Movie

The author of My Salinger Year shares how keeping a clear mind and practicing presence are essential to her writing process.

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Pamela Paul on the Lost Art of Boredom

Pamela Paul New York Times 100 Things We've Lost to the Internet Freedom app

The author and New York Times Books editor on the things tech has taken from us – and how we can reclaim some of them!

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Amit Gupta on AI-Powered Writing, the Future of Creativity & Building Sudowrite

Amit Gupta Sudowrite founder

The Sudowrite founder explains why AI will never replace writers, but the best writers will be those who learn to put the technology to work for them.

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7 Actionable Tips for Consistently Focused Writing

7 Tips to stay focused while writing

As all prolific writers know, success lies in consistency – and consistency requires knowing what comprises a productive routine. 

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