How Distracted are you?

How Distracted Are You? [QUIZ]

How Distracted Are You? Let’s face it, very few of us can say that we haven’t felt the gnawing frustration and loss of productivity caused by digital distraction. Whether it’s checking email habitually, responding to notifications, […]

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Digital detox: Is it right for you?

Digital Detox: Is It Right for You?

Is a digital detox right for you? What is it? “Are you sure you want to logout?” A simple question that for many of us today can now seem daunting. Most of us do feel […]

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The art of procrastination

The Art of Procrastination

The Art of Procrastination I’m the king of procrastination. Seriously, I’m the worst. I somehow manage to spend 100x more energy not doing something than a fraction of the same energy simply doing said thing. […]

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