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Freedom Favorites: Study Smarter

Freedom Favorites Study Tips for Success

With so many distractions around – on, and offline – it is harder than ever to stay focused. And having good study skills is just one part of the equation: there is also the aspect of mindset. Having a positive attitude, understanding your own strengths and weaknesses, and giving yourself achievable goals rather than chasing perfection, can all help you both excel in and enjoy your studies.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite articles about building great habits and routines, eliminating distractions, and overcoming procrastination and perfectionism that will help you to study smarter.

How to Stay Focused While Studying, Backed by Research

How to stay focused while studying Freedom

Whether your biggest challenge is social media, procrastination, time management, or a combination of all three, we’ve got a variety of tools and techniques to minimize the stress of studying and keep you focused on what matters.

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Smart Study Habits to Set You Up for Success (All Year Long!)

College student celebrating success throwing papers in air

It’s easy to feel motivated at the beginning of term. But, a few weeks in, when your diary starts to fill up with assignments and deadlines, how can you ensure those good intentions stay with you all year long?

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Why Do I Procrastinate? 6 Ways To Stop Procrastinating Today

Why do i procrastinate? 6 ways to stop procrastinating

We’ve all experienced it. We have an important task to do, and we know we should get started on it immediately, but we put it off.

But why exactly do we procrastinate?

And most importantly, how do we overcome it?

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How to Focus on Reading: 5 Ways to Retrain Your Brain

How to focus on reading

Our current reliance on technology impairs our concentration and makes it difficult for us to focus on tasks like reading that require sustained focus.

Retraining your focus may feel difficult at first, but with the right habits and tools, it’s completely possible!

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13 Powerful Study Tips To Help You Ace That Test

These study tips won’t make you a genius overnight. But the more you do them, the more you’ll find yourself retaining more material for longer periods of time. And instead of experiencing Sunday night panic for an assignment due Monday, you’ll feel relaxed and in control. 

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How To Overcome Perfectionism

How to overcome perfectionism students study

The key to eliminating habits like procrastination and healthily managing perfectionist tendencies is to put in the work. These five strategies can help you begin overcoming perfectionism and establishing a more realistic, balanced vision of success.

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Study Habits & Tools for Teens

Study Tips for Teens

While some teens are able to buckle down and self-study, many more struggle to find the energy and motivation to get the job done. These tips and strategies can help teens focus on their studies and get their work done today – and in the years to come!

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Academic Expert Daniel Wong: Study Tips for Focus

Academic Expert Daniel Wong: Study Tips for Focus

Daniel Wong is an academic expert and the bestselling author of The Happy Student: 5 Steps to Academic Fulfillment and Success. As a certified counselor and coach, Daniel is on a mission to empower students with the mindset and methods to lead a meaningful and marvelous life!

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Time Management Strategies & Tools for the Age of Distraction

Time management tools and techniques symbolized by a clock

Time. It’s the most important resource we have — and one that can’t be loaned, borrowed, or saved for later. We all get the exact same amount of it every single day.

Are you managing yours effectively?

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