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Freedom Favorites: Managing Distraction

Freedom Favorites Managing Distraction

Technology promised us a utopia. 

Social media platforms to keep you connected. Apps to organize your life, entertain your senses, and keep you in the know. Email clients to maintain clean and tidy inboxes. Streaming services to watch or listen to whatever you want whenever you want.

In theory, it sounds great. A constant stream of valuable information, or something like that. In reality, it can be overwhelming and exhausting to live a constantly connected life. Not to mention the cost to your work – nnline distraction is relentless and eats into the time and mental space needed for deep, focused work.

Your time and attention are two of the most precious resources you have! Learn to protect them with our favorite content on managing distraction.

10 Ways to Improve Employee Performance by Managing Digital Distractions

Digital devices make it easier for employees to communicate, share ideas, and stay on task, but the distractions that accompany these devices cost companies significant time and money.

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How to Block Instagram & Find Freedom

How to block Instagram overcome addiction smartphone apps

Lost productivity, mental and emotional harm, intentionally addictive qualities — there are more reasons than ever to kick that Instagram addiction to the curb! Find out how you can take a break –and why it’s long overdue– in this practical guide.

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How to Take a Break From Facebook

Black woman logging into facebook take a break

If you’re struggling to stay away from Facebook and other addicting websites, don’t worry—there is a solution. Explore how you can block Facebook and break the cycle of addiction for good.

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The Infinite Scroll: Why It’s So Addictive and How to Break Free

why the infinite scroll is so addictive Freedom

A simple feature meant to enhance the online experience quickly became more than that — it turned into a persistent, widespread problem. Learn about the infinite scroll, why it’s problematic, and how we can overcome the sickness that comes from endless consumption.

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Fight Distraction With a Digital Declutter

Digital Clutter

Our digital lives these days are seemingly endless worlds of articles to read, people to follow, videos to watch, music to stream, and so on. The dark side of a bounty of digital options is that we regularly feel burned out and overwhelmed by all of it. 

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Beat Your Workplace Distraction Kryptonite with Freedom

Workplace distraction

When it comes to work and productivity, we need to find solutions that are empowering and don’t kill morale. So with that in mind, let’s look at some of the biggest struggles we’re all dealing with and how we can overcome them. 

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Resisting the Attention Economy: How to Do Nothing

Resisting the attention economy how to do nothing

It’s not your fault that distractions are coming at you from every single direction at all times — but you can fight back!

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How To Spend Less Time on Your Phone: A Guide

productive pair of artists in studio not using phones

What would your life look like if you woke up tomorrow without your phone? Would you even wake up on time? If the idea of going without your phone feels like Everest, it’s time to take a break!

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Digital Minimalism: The Ultimate Guide

digital minimalism

Smartphones, tablets, and wearable tech ensure we’re digitally plugged in 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But how do you unplug? How do you take back your life from the digital revolution and control your use of digital technology instead of allowing it to control you?

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A World without Email – Cal Newport & Freedom Matters

Cal Newport world without email freedom matters podcast

Many people blame distraction in the workplace on tools like email and Slack. Would our life be improved if we just took those tools away? 

We speak with Cal Newport to discuss just why email is such a problem, and what the future of work might look like without it.

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